Lowe Alpine Base layers

Designed in the UK, our collection of Lowe Alpine Base Layers promise to bring you innovative and cutting edge designs. With tailored cuts and aerodynamics at the forefront of design, these comfortable and stylish outdoor clothing layers will work to keep your body comfortable throughout your hike. 

Lowe Alpine seek to inspire people to enjoy and explore the adventure of the mountains. These high-quality base layers allow you to do just that - combining breathable fabrics with technological additions for the ultimate comfort. With years of experience creating hiking and mountaineering backpacks for adventurers, they have turned their skill to a range of professional-quality and functional clothing items, available for you to browse here today. 

The DryFlo collection makes use of natural Cocona® technology to create base layer items, for women, that offer moisture and odour control. Suitable for all weather conditions, each base layer top works in two ways. During Summer or in hotter climates, it offers the ventilation needed to cool the body down, allowing you to push yourself harder and faster. Alternatively, as the weather begins to cool, this innovative and stretchy material locks in necessary heat, allowing you to finish your hike without issue. 

Here at The Gorge Outdoors, we strive to bring you the finest products for those who love the outdoors. Our collection of Lowe Alpine base layers are available to purchase online at the best prices. For all question and queries, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful team. We're always here to help. 

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