• Rab Mens MeCo 120 Layback Tee

Rab Mens MeCo 120 Layback Tee

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This new MeCo 120 Layback Tee shirt can be used as an integral part of any layering system or as a comfortable and high performance everyday shirt. The Layback has a baggier more relaxed fit than traditional base layer shirts so it doesn't cling to your body and show up all your lumps and wobbly bits. The clever fabric wicks moisture, controls temperature and resists odours so you feel more comfortable when active outdoors or just slobbing around. Rab’s Meco fabric is a unique blend of pure ultra- fine merino wool and recycled polyester to give a comfortable and high performance fabric that wicks amazingly, dries quickly and resists odours; the 120 refers to the fabric weight of 120g/m²

Rab Meco fabrics combine 65% ethically sourced Australian merino wool with 35% recycled polyester with Activated Carbon Technology. The Activated Carbon bit is made using natural technology and will not wear off or wash out as it is contained inside the fibres. It is extremely breathable and accelerates evaporation by increasing the surface area by 800%. The activated carbon element absorbs odour molecules which are then released and the technology is refreshed by the warmth from washing and drying. As well as all that it provides a natural UVA and UVB barrier, shielding the skin from harmful UV radiation.

The two yarns are intimately blended to produce a high performance fabric that offers all the natural benefits of warmth, softness and odour protection of merino wool, but with the added performance of synthetic and activated carbon technologies. This produces a garment that dries 5 times faster and offers increased odour protection over 100% merino fabrics.

  • Lightweight Merino and recycled polyester fabric
  • Activated Carbon Technology
  • Crew neck
  • Chest pocket
  • Regular fit

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