Fairy Cave Quarry

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Fairy Cave Quarry

A guide to the limestone slab climbing of Fairy Cave Quarry (between Stoke St Michael and Oakhill in the limestone of the Mendip Hills of Somerset).

Since its relatively recent development, Fairy Caves Quarry has rapidly gained popularity, and is now the area's Mecca for 'trad' slab climbing. On first aquaintance one may be alarmed at the amount of choss, but this is a large place, and there are extensive areas of high-quality limestone slabs to be found. These slabs, which reach a height of 40 metres, provide excellent, solid climbing, free from pegs and other fixed gear


Though the climbs are north-facing, they are quick to dry. Some of best climbs are Rob's Crack (VS), Moving Target (E3), Glacial Point (E4) and Strictly Ballroom (E1), and the there are almost 150 climbs in total, mostly in the VS - E2 range.

Illustrated with photo topos and photo action shots


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