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Light My Fire FireKnife

FireKnife is brilliant new concept from Light My Fire and Mora and brings two of Sweden's best companies to together on one project. They both do exactly what they do best as Mora make one of their great blades and Light My Fire put ion one of their top of the range firesteels.

The blade is a Scandi Ground 12C27 Stainless Steel product that is razor sharp straight out of the box, the back of the blade is perfect for striking the firesteel with. The handle takes all the best elements from the Mora Companion being made of tough plastic with the high grip overmould.

The firesteel element is made by Light My Fire and produces a 2980c spark and is durable, giving you around 3000 strikes. It sits nicely within the handle and is easy (but not too easy) to withdraw and replace as you simply twist the firesteel to undo the catch and pull it free. It will not just drop out as it is retained within the handle securely.

The firesteel is simple to use:

  1. Remove paint on new fire-starter with the back of knife.
  2. Pull the back edge of the knife slowly and firmly down length of fire-starter.
  3. Sparks easily ignite a stove, TinderDust, BBQ, paper, dry grass, birch bark or any other prepared tinder.

We know this is going to be a great seller as it is such a good idea having everything all in one and with two great names behind it you know it is going to work everytime.

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