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Designed for versatility, the Paramo Men's Grid Technic Hoodie is an effective option for avid mountaineers or cyclists. It has a design focused on comfort and performance - designed to keep your body temperature at an optimal level and allowing you to maintain this throughout your trip. These innovative Grid Technic hoodies have been chosen for their versatility for use during both highly demanding and everyday outdoor activities. 

This hoodie effectively reduces the number of layers you need to wear at any given time. The innovative Parameta G benefits from both optimal wicking and insulating features that mould together to form a functional and athletic design. The Grid Technic Hoodie features a close-fitting hood to fit under a helmet if required. The 'Ninja' hood design fits snugly around your head. The hood increases the range of effective uses of the garment.

An asymmetric zip down the front has been chosen to minimise rubbing injuries on the chin or mouth. It also offers the wearer the option to increase or reduce ventilation as the weather conditions change. The small chest pocket is also finished with secure zip, allowing you to keep valuables on hand and safely locked away at all times.

The Grid Technic Hoodie has been constructed for the modern and active sportsman. The gridded material wicks sweat away from the body over a large surface area to lower your body temperature accordingly. When needed this can then be covered with a windproof barrier to provide effective insulation - providing the protection you need to continue on any trek no matter the conditions.

Grow your outdoor wardrobe and discover the versatile and practical nature of this innovative hoodie. It is available in either a grey/black or dolphin/cobalt design to suit your individual style and can be worn over next-to-skin garments for heightened protection.

Choose a Grid Technic Hoodie because it is versatile and reduces the layers you need to stay comfortable…

The Hoodie offers the wicking and insulating benefits of Parameta G fabric in a functional, athletic design.

Worn alone, the Grid wicks sweat over a large surface area for efficient, rapid cooling. Covered with a windproof, the raised grid pattern traps air for good insulation. The hood provides an effective neck, head and face protection. The asymmetrical zip provides an additional ventilation opportunity without causing discomfort around the chin and mouth.

So expect huge versatility from one comfortable, stylish baselayer.

  1. Close-fitting "Ninja"-hood fits well under a helmet.
  2. Off-centre, deep front zip avoids discomfort around the mouth area and provides variable ventilation.
  3. Secure zipped chest pocket for valuables.
  4. Contoured shape and athletic fit for freedom of movement.


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