• Paramo Ciclo Light Waterproof Jacket

Paramo Ciclo Light Waterproof Jacket

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The Ciclo Light is ideal for active outdoors people who cycle in all weathers and would like a jacket suitable for other activities too.

If you enjoy cycling and high energy activities in all weathers, you need a versatile jacket for wind and rain protection, which also removes perspiration and condensation and allows you to keep cool when working hard.

The cycling-friendly design is combined with Nikwax Analogy Light fabric for optimum comfort. It provides waterproof protection plus moisture and temperature control in one weight-efficient garment.



The Ciclo Light has great ventilation, uses mesh Pump Liner to increase airflow, and offers cycling specific features

  • Optimum cooling when working hard provided by massive zipped vents, carefully postioned for ease of use.
  • Airflow is increased by the use of mesh Pump Liner® throughout the jacket.
  • Enhanced protection and functionality on a bike with fully-adjustable hood with wired peak which fits over or under a helmet, and pockets that are easily accessed while on the bike.
Conventional breathable membrane waterproof fabrics fail because they cannot remove all of the sweat we produce when we are working hard, especially in cold and wet conditions. Therefore condensation and icing are well known problems experienced with membrane rainwear.
 Nikwax Analogy® overcomes these problems because it is not only breathable, but also directional. The Analogy fabric system directs condensation and perspiration away from the body, where it can safely drain away. 

Choose the Ciclo Light Jacket for weather protection, versatility and packability…

This jacket uses Nikwax Analogy Light waterproof fabric with mesh Pump Liner to increase airflow and reduce overall weight. Generous arm/ torso vents make it easy to control your temperature, while the adjustable hood moves with your head and the well-placed pockets are accessible even when on a bike.

So expect excellent weather protection, effective condensation removal plus cooling when required, combined with features that are well thought-out for cyclists.



How will your Páramo® outperform breathable membrane garments?

Nikwax Analogy fabric is not only very breathable, but also directional. It directs liquid water as well as water vapour to the outside, protecting your insulation.

Although breathable membranes pass moisture vapour through them, they cannot transport liquid water. Thus if sweat production exceeds moisture vapour transfer, condensation builds up, soaking inner clothing.

Nikwax Analogy garments work better for high activity, and in cold or humid conditions, removing all sweat and condensation.

Membranes or laminate waterproofs are often noisy and inflexible. As Analogy fabric does not use a membrane or laminate layer to keep you dry, it is soft and rustle-free.

  1. Forward-positioned sleeve/ torso vents provide excellent ventilation with easy single-hand operation for swift temperature adjustment on the move.
  2. Mesh Pump Liner® throughout provides improved airflow.
  3. Securable, helmet-friendly hood with wired visor offers vertical and horizontal adjustment to provide excellent field of vision and protection.
  4. High collar for protection to the face – easily folded down when not required.
  5. Fully articulated sleeves at shoulders and elbows for maximum freedom of movement.
  6. Pronounced scooped tail for maximum protection whilst cycling.
  7. Long sleeve length ideal for cyclists, with wide cuffs that can be pushed up for cooling.
  8. Pockets positioned for use on and off a bike:
    • Small internal secure pocket for valuables.
    • Two external front pockets, slanted for ‘on the move’ access.
    • Long back storage pocket with concealed zip closure.
    • Two handwarming pockets for use off the bike.

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