Petzl Sequoia SRT Harness

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Petzl Sequoia SRT Harness

Petzl Sequoia SRT Wide Work Positioning Belt with Sit Harness - Arborist's work positioning harness for single or double rope technique (Its designed allows it to be used in conjunction with a chest harness ). As far as we know the Sequoia is the only type of harness on the market which allows the user to replace the suspension bridge when it becomes worn (The two orange attachment rings come apart using an alan key allowing a new suspension bridge < which can be bought as a spare part> to be attached). This unique feature also allows the user to attach a swivel or RING S directly to the suspension bridge rather than using an addition connector to connect one or the other. It also allows the rings to be moved to one of three positions in the webbing allowing the user to tailor the harness to their preferred position (more upright or more laid back).


Adjustable waistbelt with two buckles for easy adjustment.
One ventral attachment bridge and two lateral attachment points.
Leg loops also attached directly to the waistbelt (unlike the standard Sequoia).
Rear waistbelt buckle, used to attach the CROLL ventral rope clamp or a Top Croll Chest Harness for ascending a single rope.
Excellent balance between suspended comfort and freedom of movement.
Waistbelt and leg loops lined with breathable foam for maximum comfort when suspended.
Seven low profile slots for CARITOOL tool holder (four small, three large). Low profile design ensuring that they do not snag on branches when not in use .
Five equipment loops with protective sheath including one centrally located at the rear.
Two small rings located over the hips for attaching a hand saw.

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