Petzl Single Absorbica I Lanyard

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Petzl Single Absorbica I Lanyard

The Petzl Single Absorbica I is a single tape webbing lanyard with energy absorber. Designed for protection on a rope or cable lifeline, or on a metal rail, and to allow passing of intermediate anchors. 80 cm length gives optimal freedom of movement and the ability to reach the connector at the end of the lanyard. The arm allow the user to remain connected to the safety system when passing intermediate anchor points. Requires a connector.

Designed for protection on a horizontal lifeline (rope or cable)
The energy of the fall is absorbed by the tearing of specific webbing
Mesh pouch with zipper protects the energy absorber from abrasion or projections and allows regular verification of the absorber's condition
Energy absorber end equipped with STRING
Reference : L58
Weight : 160 g
Length : 0.8 m (w/o connector)
Clearance (fall factor 2) : 4.35 m
Certification(s) : CE EN 355

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