Páramo Base Layers

Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, PÁRAMO BASE LAYER clothing allows you to explore the wilderness in comfort and safety. The company has a direct focus on performance technology, sourcing innovative fabrics that have been rigorously tested out in the field for authentic results. 

Their focus on functional excellence pairs only with a passion to protect the environment that surrounds us. The views that take our breath away and the mountains we climb - everything this impressive company produces has a specific focus on maintaining these wonders of our world for many years to come. 

The most notable feature in Páramo clothing is their use of Nikwax Directional Fabric Technology, notably for base layer Parameta T and parameta G. These impressive materials focus entirely on keeping the body comfortable as it sweats and faces the challenges of cold temperatures. They uniquely move liquid sweat away from the body, increasing the cooling effect when required whilst making the most effective use of its insulative qualities. In essence, these garments use the directionality® of the fabric keep your body cool when they need to be and insulated when they need to be. 

Items within their base layer range, make use of Parameta fabrics which are also water absorbent. These wick sweat and perspiration away from the skin, allowing you to dry quickly and bringing your body temperature to a comfortable level. The combination of directionality® and Parameta work together to produce professional, ingenious and specialist garments that allow you to explore the great outdoors to your full potential. 

Browse our collection of Páramo’s Base layers online at The Gorge Outdoors today. Scroll through Long Janes leggings or Grid Technic Hoodies for colder temperatures. We even have specially crafted women's briefs and men's boxers to ensure your entire body is protected as you take to the mountains or on an epic trek. 

For more information about Páramo’s and the items we have available in our online store, contact us today. 

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