• Emergency Survival Bag Single

Emergency Survival Bag Single

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A Survival Bivi Bag, is extremely versatile and useful, and is an important item to take with you on any outdoor expedition. It has become a very popular addition to their kit for backpackers, scouts and cadets.

Basically, it is a waterproof bag to be slipped over a sleeping bag to make an emergency shelter. They are made from plastic, so are not breathable, and because of this condensation can form inside the bag. This is why they are only really suitable for use in an emergency.

As well as being able to be used for sleeping in, it can be used to keep your kit dry, as a groundsheet or even as a buoyancy aid, and the orange colour is highly visible and the internationally recognised distress colour. For military personnel the bag is also available in Olive Green. The bag also has survival tips printed on it, to help you should the worst happen.

Their usefulness (not only to sleep in, but also to keep things dry, to sit on, as a buoyancy aid, and to signal with) and very cheap price, has made the Survival Bivi Bag a very popular addition to the list of survival essentials.

Fabric / Material : Heavy duty 500 gauge plastic Weight : 0.31 kg

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