Paramo Men's Velez Adventure Trousers

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The Men's Velez Adventure Trousers benefit from a contoured shape, reducing fabric bulk and flap, plus long thigh vents for superior ventilation. Using a combination of standard and lightweight Nikwax Analogy fabric, they provide guaranteed all day weather protection.

If you are going out in changeable conditions, you face the hassle of having to put on waterproof trousers if the weather deteriorates. These are often carried separately, as they are too noisy, sweaty and uncomfortable to wear all the time.

The Velez Adventure Trousers can be worn comfortably all day next to skin, even if it is not raining. The highly breathable and directional Nikwax Analogy® fabric combines with ventilation to deliver optimum comfort.

The Velez Adventure Trousers have great ventilation freedom of movement and ankle adjustment.

  • Easy and rapid temperature adjustment when on the move provided by discreet thigh zips with internal storm flaps.
  • Great freedom of movement from excellent knee and leg articulation.
  • Adaptable for different activities thanks to ankle adjustment with hook and loop fastening.

Choose Velez Adventure Trousers for all day comfort in wet OR dry conditions.

The Velez Adventure trousers combine the Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof system with good ventilation, and an efficient fit that still allows great freedom of movement for different activities. These features enable you to put the trousers on next to skin at the start of the day and then forget about them. The thigh ventilation zips give good climate control, giving versatility in the temperatures and exertion levels you can be comfortable in.

From the Velez Adventures you can expect outstanding resistance to rain and condensation removal, versatility in temperature control, and an excellent performance to weight ratio.

  1. Full weather protection provided by Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof Fabric System.
  2. Easy and rapid temperature adjustment provided by thigh vents with internal storm flaps.
  3. Ankle adjustment with hook and loop fastening – ideal for adapting to a range of activities.
  4. Unrestricted leg movement due to excellent knee and leg articulation.
  5. Comfortable and adjustable fit provided by elasticated waist secured by a belt.
  6. Hand-warming and storage from two external hip pockets with zip closure.

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